Journal Title The Greek E-Journal of Perioperative Medicine
Journal Title (Gr) Ελληνικό ηλεκτρονικό Περιοδικό
Περιεγχειρητικής Ιατρικής
Abbreviation Greek e J Perioper Med
ISSN 1109-6888
Publisher The Society of Anesthesiology and
Intensive Medicine of Northern Greece
Type Open Access e-journal
Knowledge field: UDC code 616-08
BISG subject codes covered MED006000 MED015000 MED026000 MED112000 MED058030 MED058040 MED042000 MED106000
Publishing frequency Per 4 months
First published 2003
Creative Commons Attribution
License Policy
4.0 CC BY SA
Article Process Charges None, currently covered by publisher
Article Format HTML/ PDF
Article language Greek / English
Preprints Policy Compatible
Reviewer merit policy Publons® platform, Article
Meta Data policy XML (under construction)
Plagiarism screening Viper, Plagiarisma, PlagTracker
Digital ID number :DOI prefix 10.17468
Digital archiving policy Currently By the publisher
Article ID number policy Internal Mode (Year-Number)
Inclusion in National Scientific Journal Database FEK 964/20-07-2006.

Hellenic Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity

Updated: 23-2-2020

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