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The Greek E-Journal of Perioperative Medicine 2018; 17(a):2-4




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DOI: The Greek E-Journal of Perioperative Medicine 2018; 17(a):2-4

ANAESTHESIA 2018, the SAIMNG* Congress of Anesthesiology &Ιntensive Medicine: The past and the future.

*SAIMNG, Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Medicine of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, GR,


Certainly, nobody during the autumn of 1990, when the 1st Congress of Anesthesiology & Intensive Medicine was first inaugurated, had any idea of the impact and the influence this new institution would gain in the years to come. This very first congress was under the organizational presidency of Dr. Nikos Balamoutsos, respectable teacher and skillful director in the field.

But this was not a surprise; Thessaloniki had already experienced pioneering in Anesthesiology. Dr. Spyros Makris (1926-1978) was the first ever Professor of Anesthesiology in Greece (1974) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He wrote the very first textbooks of Anesthesiology in Greek and published more than one hundred papers, in Science, Anaesthesia and Analgesia, and other journals. This is the reason why during the opening ceremony, the honorary lecture has his name and is assigned to an academic with a broader scientific flair, normally from the local medical community.

Soon things grew bigger; the following 2nd Congress, two years later, was set in the excellent venue of Porto Carras in Chalkidiki, starting a long tradition of a highly expected biennial event – every even year – in the last days of summer. Everybody in the anesthetic community all over Greece was expecting to spend some days in the lovely scenery of Sithonia peninsula, soak in the silky waters of a gin-clear sea, mingle with colleagues and friends from Thessaloniki, Athens and all other areas and enjoy a high level scientific event.  Prime invited speakers from abroad along with distinguished Greek anesthetists and intensivists, were at the front, providing state of art lectures and innovative teaching.

The internet era was still a sci-fiction object, everything was handmade, still, the Congress proceedings were considered as the “up to date” information and for long were among the top suggested readings for anesthesiology residents, trying to pass the specialty exams.

The tradition was now established, but as ever “when humans make plans, God is laughing”. The financial crisis after 2009 struck Greece, so the 11th Congress of Anesthesiology & Intensive Medicine, in September 2010, was the last one to be held in Chalkidiki. The Congress returned intramural and remained in Thessaloniki ever since (table 1). Nevertheless, it was only a change in the set; the core of the congress remained intact and continued to provide high level knowledge and business skills.

Table 1. Past SAIMNG Congresses of Anesthesiology &Ιntensive Medicine

No Year Venue President of Organizing Committee
1st 1990 Makedonia Palace, Thessaloniki Nikos Balamoutsos
2nd 1992 Porto Carras, Chalkidiki EfthymisSofianos
3rd 1994 Porto Carras, Chalkidiki Charis Skourtis
4th 1996 Porto Carras, Chalkidiki Maria-Amalia Giala
5th 1998 Aristotle University, Thessaloniki Nikos Balamoutsos
6th 2000 Athos Palace, Chalkidiki FotisKanakoudis
7th 2002 Athos Palace, Chalkidiki PanagiotaMaïdatsi
8th 2004 Sani Beach, Chalkidiki Maria Giannakou-Peftoulidou
9th 2006 Porto Carras, Chalkidiki Georgia Anisoglou-Anastasiadou
10th 2008 Porto Carras, Chalkidiki Anna Zaralidou
11th 2010 Porto Carras, Chalkidiki Vania Sfyra
12th 2012 Megaron Hall, Thessaloniki VassilisGrosomanidis
13th 2014 Porto Palace, Thessaloniki Dimitris Vassilakos
14th 2016 Porto Palace, Thessaloniki Theodora Asteri
15th 2018 Porto Palace, Thessaloniki Eleni Katsika

And now what? What are the challenges and the expectations at present time? Considering open scientific and professional borders in an era of a multi level globalization, the congress dares a restart as a response to the demand of new opportunities for anesthetists & intensivists, for continuous scientific and professional development.

An endeavor is being attempted to give this Congress an international character, not only at the level of established and well known foreign and local invited speakers (table 2), but furthermore in terms of attracting a new international audience. A new name was needed: ANAESTHESIA 2018 was adopted for the 15thCongress of Anesthesiology &Ιntensive Medicine, just to fulfill the ambition for an open and attractive scientific destination.

We believe that Thessaloniki may constitute a pole of attraction for anesthetists from the nearest to the furthest European or non-European countries, combined with its ever-emerging character as a top tourist destination of South-East Europe. In this way the Greek delegates will be able to meet and exchange scientific views with foreign colleagues, while Greek speakers will be given the opportunity to appeal to a wider international audience.

It is in this context that the 1st Greek-Serbian Anesthesiology Meeting integrates into ANAESTHESIA 2018. With our fellow neighbors we share not only a close friendship but a common understanding of problems encountered and achievable goals. Therefore, a broader cooperation initiative may only be fruitful on both parties.

At the Congress, clinical tutorials, workshops, lectures, round table discussions, meet the expert sessions, poster and oral presentations, as well as a display of pharmaceutical and anesthesiology equipment will be included.

ANAESTHESIA 2018 is a top Greek Anesthesiology event, aiming, succinctly, in:

  • Updating on current and pressing issues of Anesthesiology & Intensive Medicine.
  • Continuing Medical and Post Graduate Education.
  • Becoming a tribune for both Central and Regional Anesthesiology Departments.
  • Widening the horizons of Anesthesiology within the context of Perioperative Medicine.
  • Addressing topics and skills that interest/concern nursing staff.

ANAESTHESIA 2018 is the only meeting that offers this depth of education and such diverse opportunities and communities for networking, helping to create a meeting experience that will enable delegates to deepen their knowledge, grow their network and advance their skills.

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the organizing and scientific committee of ANAESTHESIA 201815th Congress of Anesthesiology and Ιntensive Medicine we have the honor and great pleasure to invite you to our congress to be held in Thessaloniki, on the 20th to the 23rd of September, 2018.

We are looking forward to your positive response for the successful conduction of ANAESTHESIA 2018 and we are awaiting you, all, in Thessaloniki in September 2018.


Eleni Katsika

President of Organizing Committee       


Konstantinos Katsanoulas

President of Scientific Committee   



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