DOI: The Greek E-Journal of Perioperative Medicine 2020;19(b): 1

Dear colleagues,

This second issue of the Greek e-journal of Perioperative Medicine for 2020 is mainly dedicated to COVID-19 pandemic, with world-reported 6.762.211 confirmed cases and 394.992 deaths1.

As countries are trying to reemerge from their coronavirus lockdowns and reopen their economies, scientists fear a second wave of COVID-19 infections and deaths.

In this issue, the editorial originates from Intensive Care Unit of the AHEPA University Hospital in Thessaloniki, which is one of the forefronts of the effort to fight the new coronavirus pandemic in Thessaloniki. Their article describes their experiences and feelings in treating patients with COVID-19 infections.

The next review article of Rashid A. et al, aims to establish a clear plan in order to provide essential perioperative care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bersot C.D.A. et al, in their review article, evaluate the possible indication of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a COVID-19 patient in prone position as a way to save time, since the entire process of decubitus change is complex and often slow.

The next article of Apostolidis K. et al, describes the utilization of prehospital emergency medical system in a region of northern Greece from first confirmed case of the COVID-19 in the country, till the first order for loosing lockdown and it shows that lockdown has affected daily cases of suicides and cardiac arrests more than the other categories under research.

The final article of Savoulidou S. et al, presents a case report of nasogastric tube breakage in an Intensive Care Unit patient.


With the hope to avoid a second outbreak of COVID-19 infection, we urge you to CONTINUE KEEP YOURSALVES AND YOUR COLLEAGUES SAFE.


With regards


Editors in chief

Mouloudi Eleni



  1. info/coronavirus tracks world statistics. (Accessed June 2020).
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