COVID-19 has brought up the interest about hyperferritinemic syndromes.  Though often seen in COVID-19, especially within the frame of COVID-CSS, hyperferritinemia needs a systematic diagnostic approach, as co-infections or other causes may also increase ferritin. In this article, we present a case report of extreme hyperferrinemia in an male criticall ill patient with COVID-19 and we perform a short synthesis of the available literature. Continue reading
Postdural puncture headache (PDPH) may occur after inadvertent dura mater puncture inepidural anaesthesiaor after spinal puncture in spinal anesthesia, spinal diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. It is characterized by severe headache that occurs within 5 days following thepuncture, located in the frontal and/or occipital region, not necessarily worsened in the upright position. PDPH is associated with substantially increased postpartum risks of major neurologicand other maternal complications, underscoring the importance of early recognition, follow up andtreatment particularly in obstetrics. Despite the fact that epidural blood patch is recognized as thegold standard in the treatment of PDPH, it is not without risk andpotentially may fail. Nerve blocks andnewer therapieshave been reported that could be efficacious, easy to administer and with less risk. In this review wepresent updated evidence and potential alternative therapies in the treatment of PDPH. Continue reading
Οι καταστάσεις στις οποίες κληθήκαμε να ανταπεξέλθουμε ήταν ιδιαίτερες και πολλοί τις χαρακτήρισαν «εμπόλεμες». Το ιατρικό και νοσηλευτικό προσωπικό μετατράπηκε αυτομάτως σε στρατιώτες, που καθήκον τους ήταν να υπηρετήσουν και να αντιμετωπίσουν αυτόν τον πόλεμο. Ένα πόλεμο άνισο, έναν πόλεμο άγνωστο που δεν μας έδινε την δυνατότητα να έχουμε τα κατάλληλα επιστημονικά εφόδια στην φαρέτρα μας για να τον αντιμετωπίσουμε. Κατά την διάρκεια της πανδημίας οι επαγγελματίες υγείας της πρώτης γραμμής ήρθαν αντιμέτωποι με μια σειρά από σημαντικές προκλήσεις και πολλές πρακτικές δυσκολίες, αλλά κυρίως έπρεπε να κινηθούν σε αχαρτογράφητα μονοπάτια  όσο αφορά στη διαχείριση και αντιμετώπιση του ιού. Τα καθήκοντα και οι υποχρεώσεις των επαγγελματιών υγείας κατά την διάρκεια της πανδημίας COVID-19 αντικρούονταν με τα καθημερινά καθήκοντα. Continue reading
COVID-19 has officially been declared as a pandemic. Although the ultimate course and impact of COVID-19 is yet to be seen, the disease has already overwhelmed health care infrastructure. Operation theaters are high-risk areas for transmission of respiratory infections given the involvement of multiple staff, and the need for high transmission-risk aerosol generating activities. The current study aims to establish a guide for establishing optimum protection conditions that should be done before, during and after surgical intervention. A clear plan has to be developed to only provide essential surgical care during the pandemic. All the elective and non-essential procedures need to be deferred. Whenever close contact is mandated with the suspected patients, the staff should wear proper personal protective equipment. There should be proper training in the appropriate use and application of PPE. The most important thing in the chain is hand hygiene and 70% alcohol solutions should be placed strategically. Continue reading
COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented citation for the healthcare system; such that its effects are now started to become obvious. The main aim of this report is to describe the time trends of utilization of prehospital emergency medical system in a region of northern Greece from first confirmed case of the COVID-19 in the country, at 26/02/2020, till the first order for loosing lockdown at 04/05/2020. Use of data retrospectively collected for PEMS usage, in the regional unit of Thessaloniki, Northern Greece 26/02/2020, till the first order for loosing lockdown at 04/05/2020. The area of interest represents a little more than 10% of the total population of Greece. Daily cases of selected categories (suicides, assaults, animal bites, cardiac arrests, and car accidents) were recorded. Comparison with the daily cases in the previous 2 years (2019,2018), for the same period was performed. Continue reading
A new coronavirus (covid 19–coronavirus disease 2019), similar to Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), emerged in late December 2019 from Wuhan, China causing respiratory disease. An outbreak of COVID-19 has spread throughout China and worldwide. Up until today (7/4/2020) 1.349.956 confirmed cases and 74.822 deaths were recorded. As of April 7, 2020, 81.740 patients in China had tested positive for COVID-19 and 3.331 deaths had occurred. World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020 declared COVID-19 a pandemic, pointing the sustained risk of further global spread.The European countries most affected are Spain - 136.675 confirmed cases and 13.341 deaths - and Italy - first European country affected with 132.547 confirmed cases and 16.523 deaths -up until today (7/4/2020). U.S.A today leads the world in confirmed, reported coronavirus cases, surpassing China with 367.650 confirmed cases and 10.943 deaths. Continue reading
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