Certainly, nobody during the autumn of 1990, when the 1st Congress of Anesthesiology & Intensive Medicine was first inaugurated, had any idea of the impact and the influence this new institution would gain in the years to come. This very first congress was under the organizational presidency of Dr. Nikos Balamoutsos, respectable teacher and skillful director in the field.

But this was not a surprise; Thessaloniki had already experienced pioneering in Anesthesiology. Dr. Spyros Makris (1926-1978) was the first ever Professor of Anesthesiology in Greece (1974) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He wrote the very first textbooks of Anesthesiology in Greek and published more than one hundred papers, in Science, Anaesthesia and Analgesia, and other journals. This is the reason why during the opening ceremony, the honorary lecture has his name and is assigned to an academic with a broader scientific flair, normally from the local medical community.

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Early tracheal extubation has been safely performed after large operative procedures, questioning the need for routine postoperative ventilation. Because immediate postoperative tracheal extubation of liver transplanted patients has not been previously reported in Greece, we announce the first case report.

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The essential help of medical emergency teams (M.E.T.) is to decrease the frequency of sudden deaths and the pointless transport of patients in the intensive care units. Aim of present study is to record the number and the type of urgent intrahospital callings, the departments of hospital that were covered by M.E.T, the staff (medical and/or nursing) that participated in them, the medications that were used, and the number of involved individuals per incident, as well as the type of monitoring and the fluids that were used. In the particular study were recorded the urgent calls from the 07/06/2006 up to the 07/01/2007 (7 months).

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