This research was designed to determine the appropriateness and applicability of the Patient Bill of Rights from the viewpoint of nurses in Lorestan University of Medical Sciences to identify barriers and provide operational solutions in 2012. This is a descriptive-analytical study. Out of 440 questionnaires delivered to the nurses, 294 were completed. The data collection tool was a questionnaire related to the five domains of the Patient Bill of Rights including right to receive appropriate services, right to receive appropriate and adequate information, right to choose and decide on health services freely, respecting patient privacy and observing the principle of confidentiality, and finally right to get access to effective complaint handling system. The mean scores for appropriateness (350.16±7.23) and applicability (282.57±54.22) of the Patient Bill of Rights were high. Shortage of work force, nurses and patients’ unawareness of the major barriers of application, provision of necessities for internalization, establishment of the committee of the Patient Bill of Rights, and paying attention to nurses’ rights were the solutions proposed. Enhancing stakeholder’ s awareness and providing necessities by managers can help in the operationalization of the Bill.

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