DOI: The Greek E-Journal of Perioperative Medicine 2017; 16(a): 1-2

The first issue of 2017 contains few, but very interesting articles. In their review Shizodimos et all, highlight the details hidden in the available literature about mechanical ventilation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which after publication of Berlin definition1, is gaining again more and more interest2.

In the next article, Karveli –Argyriadou challenge the current trend regarding cardiac anesthesia publications by presenting us its track in time. In the era of minimal invasive cardiosurgery, genetic therapy and ultra-fast track cardiac anesthesia protocols, they remind us the course and the moments of its evolution and allow us to “look back in order to realize how much we have progressed”.

Papapostolou et al, focus on the importance of right interpretation of hemodynamic monitoring and present 3 cases of acute intraoperative pulmonary hypertention during cardiac surgery.

The last two articles describe a case on pulmonary embolism after surgery for Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and a conversion disorder that was presented with tetraplegia post spinal anesthesia.

Along with the aforementioned, the Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of Northern Greece continue the effort of empowering the place of Gr e J Periop Med in the immense arena of medical publications. En route with past changes3, the journal has welcomed several new members in its team (see “Editorial board”section), while improving indexing and evaluation scores (see “Indexing section”) continues. As we move forward, we do not forget the past; an acknowledgement section for the former editorial board members is planned to be also a permanent part of the website of the journal. And we are eager… to meet the future.


For the Editorial Board

Mouloudi E.
Papagiannopoulou P.
Aslanidis T.



  1. ARDS Definition Task Force., Ranieri VM, Rubenfeld GD, Thompson BT, Ferguson ND, Caldwell E, Fan E, Camporota L, Slutsky AS. Acute respiratory distress syndrome: the Berlin Definition. JAMA 2012; 307(23):2526-33.
  2. Pubmed. ARDS-results by year. Available from: (accessed 5/5/2017).
  3. Mouloudi E, Papagiannopoulou P. Letter from the editors. Gr e J Periop Med 2016;15(b):1.
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