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Aslanidis Th.
Mouloudi E.
Papagiannopoulou P.


The Greek E-Journal of Perioperative Medicine 2015; 13(b): 1




POSTED: 10/25/15 10:26 AM
ARCHIVED AS: 2015, 2015b, Letter from the Editors


DOI: The Greek E-Journal of Perioperative Medicine 2015; 13(b): 1

Dear colleagues,

Traditional publishing is an ex cathedra affair, top down, hierarchical. Electronic publishing is essentially egalitarian1. That’s why the present journal had never adopted printed form.

Here, we would like to underline some of the changes that occurred in the journal. These changes were designed to maintain excellence while improving the efficiency of the review process and taking advantage of new technology.  Thus, new features have been added in the article section and feedback surveys are planned to be performed in regular basis. New sections for bibliographic information and editorial board / reviewers’ panel have been added. Organizational changes for a better workflow are also en route. The journal is already accepted in several electronic databases (see “indexing” section), while application for inclusion in several others is also under way. For all the changes, every website visitor is invited to explore these new features.

Along with that, the journal is now international. It is a pleasure to invite researchers from all over the world to consider submitting their work to Greek e J Perioper Med. Moreover, the journal also welcomes colleagues’ participation as reviewers and possible future editorial board members (see “call for articles/ MEB”section)

Of course, this progress is dynamic and is far from ending. Any changes were only achieved thanks to your active support. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions in an effort to continue to improve our journal.

Editors-in chief

Eleni Mouloudi
Pinelopi  Papagiannopoulou


Associate Editor

Theodoros Aslanidis



  1. Wood D. The Future of medical publishing. 2005. Available from:
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