DOI: The Greek E-Journal of Perioperative Medicine 2021;20(b): 1

Dear colleagues,

The second issue of the Greek e-journal of Perioperative Medicine for 2021 presents various articles including a Medical History Article, a Review Article, and Case Reports concerning perioperative medicine.

The medical history article of Aledzhanov N. Yu reviews the knowledge of anatomy and treatment of venous pathology in ancient Greece and Byzantium. It also describes the methods and techniques used and their influence on the birth of phlebology.

The review article of Ioannidis R et al. reviews post-extubation dysphagia (PED), which is a common complication in ICU patients and is associated with severe adverse patient outcomes. It is noted that screening ICU protocols can lead to an early identification and proper therapeutic interventions.

The following case report of Aslanidis Th et al. presents a case of extreme hyperferrinemia in a male criticall ill patient with COVID-19 along with a short synthesis of the available literature.

The next article of Sarakatsanou Ch et al. describes the anesthetic considerations and management of a child with Friedreich’s ataxia during orthopedic surgery. It is reported that although there are various approaches to anesthesia techniques for these patients, it is preferable to choose regional and neuraxial anesthesia techniques in order to reduce pulmonary and cardiac compromise.

The final article of Aslanidis Th et al. presents a case of a female patient with multiple sclerosis who had suffered from unexpected complications of two drugs arisen at the same time, a Status Epilepticus and topiramate induced metabolic acidosis in under natalizumab therapy.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your continued support on the Greek e-journal of Perioperative Medicine during these challenging times.



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